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Rose was a shy kid who was put into speech and drama classes at an early age to help with her self esteem and confidence. She found comfort and community in strengthening her performance skills and soon she was out of her shell and acting at every opportunity. Rose’s talents extend across acting for screen and stage, writing, directing, producing and coaching. Rose's screen credits include Class of '07, Ja'mie: Private School Girl, Utopia, Glitch, Human Error, Safe Home, Gold Diggers, Why Are You Like This, How To Stay Married and more. She has a handy Sociology degree under her belt, serves on the board of independent theatre company Bitten By Productions and also hosts the interview-based podcast for actors, Get Your Act Together!


Rose draws on her extensive, current industry experience to offer actors the effective, flexible and tailored training you desire. Whether she's on set, coaching or having an iced latte and a chat (she never drinks hot coffee) Rose naturally operates with respect, kindness and compassion, and loves to celebrate others!


Sister Act 2, inventing games, kewpie mayo


Shoebill storks, Kevin Bacon, medieval movies

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