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Rose Flanagan

Rose Flanagan is a Melbourne-based actor and creator who has performed in a variety of screen and stage shows. She has enjoyed roles in a number of series’ including Matchbox Pictures’ Glitch, Working Dog’s Utopia, Peter Helliar’s How to Stay Married and Chris Lilley’s Ja’mie: Private School Girl. Rose has co-created and written her own digital series and her stage experience has seen her travel to Adelaide Fringe as well as emerge as a Director for Bitten By Productions at Melbourne Fringe. See what Rose has to say about co-founding SceneWorkout and the journey so far…

I enjoy acting. Acting the verb. The doing word. I love getting out of my own brain, into a character’s and connecting with other people doing the same thing. I decided early I wanted to make it my occupation. So as I continued along I got the agent, I did the courses, I got the headshots, I did auditions, I finished the courses, I did more auditions, I talked to my agent who said do more classes so I did more classes and got a showreel and did auditions and got new headshots and did more classes...

I was fortunate enough to land some fantastic jobs but between those jobs and when I couldn’t constantly afford another expensive class, I became frustrated that I was not doing much acting at all. Additionally, when an audition came up, I found myself wondering who could I rehearse this with? I mean mum could “read” the other lines but who could I bounce ideas off? Who could I test choices with? Who could I effectively collaborate with to make this scene richer and more full?

I’ve enrolled in many classes and I am a huge advocate for training and skill development. However, for many actors I spoke with, it was a familiar story; costly term fees, dated scenes, inflexible class schedule, rushed and cursory feedback, hugely varied levels of experience and not enough time dedicated to simply working the acting muscle.

I began floating the idea of an actors group - a community where actors with existing experience and skills, actors who are hungry for the profession, could get together. A space where we have freedom to choose our own scenes, to choose the skills we want to nurture, to choose when we want to train without all the commitment. An environment to collaborate, to shoot and watch playback, to draw from each other’s talents and experience. A supportive network where we encourage and champion each other to advance in the industry. Somewhere like a gym but for actors.

Before the agents and the castings and the networking and the business, I loved the act of acting. I want to do more of that. Co-founding SceneWorkout has allowed me to create a dynamic and inviting space for experienced actors to do just that. Where we spend less time waiting around and more time acting. I’m thrilled to see that the SceneWorkout ethos has resonated with many others like me and I am beyond excited and proud of our growing community of hard-working, resilient, and uplifting creatives.

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