The SceneWorkout Difference

SceneWorkout is designed for actors with existing training and experience who understand the importance and benefits of ongoing training, and want to refine their skills and techniques through practice.


The five key differences:

1. No long-term time commitment

2. No huge financial commitment

3. Appropriate member selection process

4. Freedom to choose what you work on

5. By actors for actors


We fully facilitate each session, offering a dedicated space to workshop scenes with other experienced actors, as well as camera and sound equipment so you can watch your footage back (and keep your footage afterwards) plus improve your craft all while networking with other like-minded creatives.

We move through three blocks, each designed to share skills, make discoveries, and provide a “full body” workout of the acting muscle. We firstly launch into GroupWork including a table read and understanding what outcomes each actor is looking for from the session; next we move to SceneWork where we sink our teeth into exploring text, character and technique based on your specific scene and what you’d like to achieve; finally we jump into CameraWork where we shoot each scene with professional grade camera, sound and lighting equipment, watch playback on our HD TV. Your footage will be sent to you within 24 hours!


Our affordable pay per session structure means you are not locked into anything, and can work out on a casual basis when it suits you. Applying is free and easy and you can stay up to date with all our latest sessions, offers, discounts and specialised sessions with industry professionals.

Whether it's an audition scene for Film/TV/TVC or Stage, a scene you'd like to have a go at or a scene you've written - bring along something to work out those acting muscles!

See reward for effort every session!

For full scenes check out our IGTV Spotlight Series