What actors are saying...

Attending SceneWorkout has been such a joy, as well as the perfect way to keep myself active between gigs.

Unlike classes or workshops, there is more push for the actors attending to direct themselves and choose scenes that will either challenge them or help finesse a skill they are working on.

Rose brings a tonne of positivity and encouragement, setting the day perfectly for any newcomers or regulars.

Every session is well timed, well planned and everything is provided, from printing scripts to receiving tapes the same day.

I couldn't be more grateful for the time I spend at SceneWorkout. I can actually see the difference in how I've grown between my very first session and my latest.

Thank you Rose, Amy and the team at SceneWorkout!

Marie Kelly

SceneWorkout is such a wonderful initiative that fills an obvious gap in our needs as actors; a professional setting where you feel like you can still make mistakes.


Low cost, no long-term commitment to accommodate fluctuating availability and high quality footage to take home.


SceneWorkout strikes a perfect balance between the friendly feeling of something casual and the well-oiled structure and high standard of something professional.


For someone like me who can feel socially anxious with foyer networking, SceneWorkout is a great way to meet other passionate actors while diving straight into the work.

Kashmir Sinnamon


Scene Workout is exactly what every actor needs, because it can be exactly what any actor needs it to be.

It fits into any schedule, it allows you to work your acting muscles, and it provides a safe space to play with a scene. You also know you’re going to get to work with an experienced scene partner and footage you can keep and analyse.

Seon Williams

SceneWorkout is an inclusive space that gives actors the opportunity to play with other experienced actors, challenging ourselves and using the tools we have learnt over the years without the pressure of a ‘class environment’. The perfect place to hone our craft so we are ready for the work when it comes. 

Alexander Lloyd


SceneWorkout offers such a rare opportunity to work that acting muscle outside of auditions and structured classes.


I love the freedom it gives me to refine my personal technique, as well as the chance to learn new skills from fellow actors.


The unique atmosphere allows some beautiful moments to come out in the work.


I couldn’t recommend SceneWorkout more highly!

Maddie Roberts

You can often feel rusty going into self tapes for auditions when you haven't done one in a while. That’s why SceneWorkout is so ideal. You get the valuable repetitions so you can naturally improve your camera presence and give an overall better performance.

Sam Perry


The sessions I've had at SceneWorkout have been extremely helpful not only for getting great footage but also for connecting with actors. I use it as a way to check in with my process, share ideas and get inspiration from others and their work.

Sebastian Carr

I’m so glad a place like SceneWorkout exists!

It provides actors with the opportunity to act without the pressures of a traditional acting class. You’re able to choose and work on scripts of your choice whilst also working with other experienced actors. You have complete freedom to explore and workshop!

Rose and Amy create a warm welcoming environment which allows actors to feel totally supported and also encouraged. 


SceneWorkout really is an actors dream and I can’t recommend it enough!

Eva Hatzicostas

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