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Frequently asked questions

  • What can I expect from a SceneWorkout session?
    Head over to the About page to learn how each session runs.
  • When is it?
    Sessions are held on Tuesday evenings 6:30-9pm and Saturday mornings 10am-12:30.
  • Where is it?
    Sessions are held at Noisy Beast - Level 1, 4/29 Cromwell Street, Collingwood VIC 3066
  • What do I bring?
    Your script and your winning personality
  • What scene do I choose?
    We don’t lock actors down to one dated scene to work on for 10 weeks! You can choose any scene 2 minutes or less. Whether it’s for an upcoming role or audition for stage, film, TVC, a scene you’ve written, a scene for an upcoming masterclass or course, a scene you’ve always wanted to try or a scene that may be against type, we give you the freedom and respect to choose your material. Our only request, for your own interest, is to not choose any material under non-disclosure or unreleased without permissions from relevant parties. If you're struggling to find a scene, ask about our custom script book which has 30+ contemporary scenes to choose from.
  • How should I prepare for a workout?
    Workouts are designed to be flexible and tailored to each actor’s desired outcome. Some actors bring scenes they have worked on for a while in a class and want to get down on tape, some actors love the challenge of going in blind with a piece they have just picked up; some like to just learn the lines and leave the work for the room and others like to do some solid prep before coming in to workshop their scene. Your workout is all about what works for you so do the preparation that makes you feel most comfortable walking into the room.
  • How is SceneWorkout different from an acting class?
    SceneWorkout sessions are not acting classes and are far from traditional. Check out what makes us different.
  • How much does SceneWorkout cost?
    A huge catalyst for SceneWorkout was the enormous financial commitment of training and institutions not taking into account the unpredictable life and job of an actor. Our pay per session structure gives you the flexibility to train when it suits you. It's only $60 per 2.5hr session + keep 2 takes of high quality footage every time! No joining fee, no annual fees, no admin fees. We also offer pre-paid packs of 5 or 10 sessions to help you save even more!
  • What if I can’t make the session I booked for?
    SceneWorkout understands training should be flexible with an actor’s busy life! That’s why we offer a free switch option where if you can’t make a session you can switch to any other upcoming available session at no extra cost. So we can fill your spot, please give us at least 48hrs notice to avoid being charged.
  • Why SceneWorkout?
    SceneWorkout was born out of commonly held frustrations amongst the acting community; “I just want somewhere to drop in and work on this certain skill”, “I love acting classes but I can’t commit to another 10 week course”, “I’d just love to shoot and watch my performance back before my audition”, “I’ve written something and I really want to workshop it out loud with another actor” or “I’m between jobs and I just want to act”. We hear you, we are you and we deliver the flexibility, affordability and connectivity actors want. Learn more about the SceneWorkout difference here.
  • Is SceneWorkout right for me?
    As our sessions are facilitated but not taught, members are required to have some existing training and credits to attend. The structure of the session relies on actors confidently sharing skills, offers and techniques to ensure mutual benefits and outcomes for everyone attending. Our actors come from diverse mediums; some are predominantly stage and looking to strengthen screen skills, some actors have only done screen, some both. We have actors from comedy and drama backgrounds, improvisers, actors who are also writers and producers, and actors with a varied mixture of formal training and credits. We encourage all actors with a level of training and professional credits to apply.
  • Should I do SceneWorkout sessions if I’m already taking classes?
    Our members love to use sessions as a compliment to external classes. Particularly masterclasses or casting workshops where you’re expected to be thoroughly prepared when you walk through the door, SceneWorkout gives you opportunity to play, make strong choices and sink into the script so you walk in feeling confident and self assured.
  • How do I get my footage?
    We use Google drive to upload and send your footage to you via email within 24 hours of your session. If there are any unforeseen issues in sending your footage we will let you know. Your footage will only be kept on Google drive for 7 days so we highly recommend downloading your footage once you receive it so you can keep it forever!
  • Can I use my session footage as a self tape or on my showreel?
    Your footage is yours to keep and use it how you wish. SceneWorkout is not a self tape studio or showreel studio however some actors choose to send session footage to their agent, use it on their reel, on their casting profiles or send as a self tape or as extra material to casting agencies. If you are needing to film a specific self tape, our facilitator Rose offers a dedicated mobile one-to-one self tape filming and coaching service separate to SceneWorkout. Email us for more info. ​
  • How often should I attend?
    Acting is about consistency, and this can look different for everyone. As a general rule we recommend attending workouts 1-2 times per month. Some actors choose to do a one month intensive, working out every week between gigs, while others choose to come when specific goals or auditions pop up. Flexible training that suits your lifestyle is a hallmark of SceneWorkout.
  • How many people per session?
    We keep our sessions sizes small to maximise time spent acting. Our current capacity is 8 actors per session.
  • Who facilitates the session?
    Our facilitators are handpicked current, passionate working actors and creatives with high level skills and experience across a range of techniques and disciplines. Each brings their own flavour to a session, providing the structure, equipment and environment to assist you in achieving desired outcome. Click here to read about our team and our facilitators' special interests.
  • How can I attend a session?
    If you are an existing member, you can book online now! If you haven’t attended a session before, head to the bookings page, fill in your application and we will be in touch shortly!
  • Can I apply again if my application is unsuccessful?
    Absolutely! We strongly encourage actors to re-apply once they have had some more training and experience.
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