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An actor is like an athlete ...

To stay focused and on top of your game, you need to train. Unfortunately, it's not always easy to perpetually work out the acting muscle between jobs. Acting classes and courses are a wonderful tool but they can be hit-and-miss and are often a long-term commitment at a huge financial cost. So after you've done a course (or 2 or 3 or 4…) how do you continue to brush up on your skills without another costly term?


Introducing SceneWorkout

industry recognised training sessions to work out your acting muscles between jobs

​​Our skill sharing sessions work to complement your existing acting training and skills using your choice of material. Got a scene you want to lay down? A role you're working on? A skill you want to improve? A style you want to try? Or just want to stay sharp between gigs? SceneWorkout gives you the space to do the work, refine your process and stay active; providing a full-body workout of the acting muscles in a low stakes, high reward environment.

This isn't a class, this is a gym

SceneWorkout, Acting workshops Melbourne

SceneWorkout is exactly what every actor needs, because it can be exactly what any actor needs it to be.

It fits into any schedule, it allows you to work your acting muscles, and it provides a safe space to play with a scene. You also know you’re going to get to work with an experienced scene partner and footage you can keep and analyse.

Seon Williams

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SceneWorkout training sessions are specifically designed for actors with existing training and experience who want to strengthen their acting muscles between jobs.

It's free to join so if this sounds like you, click apply now to become a member today!

Please note: as SceneWorkout is not a taught acting class but a facilitated session, this training is not designed for beginners. There are plenty of wonderful acting courses and classes available if you are just starting out. 

SceneWorkout, Acting classes Melbourne


Get work

SceneWorkout, Self Tape

Need a self tape?

book a pt session!

Forget about rushing to a studio and finding a carpark, or moving every lamp in your house to one room or getting frustrated at your housemate for not holding the phone straight. Rose Flanagan offers a flexible, mobile Private Tape service to alleviate all the stress of producing a high quality self tape.

SceneWorkout, Get your Act Together

Get your act together!

SceneWorkout Presents text.png

The podcast helping Australian actors navigate the business and the craft

Hosted by Melbourne actor and SceneWorkout co-founder Rose Flanagan. In this podcast Rose chats to current industry professionals about the occupation of acting. Not the showbiz or the glitz and glamour but the reality of the job. They share straightforward, tangible and actionable advice to assist actors in navigating the Australian industry as a professional working actor.

For partnership enquiries please contact

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SceneWorkout, Acting school Melbourne

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