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Updated: Jun 3, 2021

The word ‘busy’ has not lost its buzz in 2021, and for creatives balancing multiple commitments, life can be sweet but time can be scarce.

Whether you’re flitting between day jobs, auditions, classes, meetings, family and friend festivities, it can feel overwhelming trying to keep your craft study sharp as a tack.

Fret not, because here lies the answer in aural form: podcasts.

Their popularity is on the rise, one third of Aussies turning to poddies to stay informedly fulfilled. People want diverse perspectives and a deeper understanding on specific topics; ranking specialist podcasts number one. So we’re coming at you with some of our podcast picks for actors looking to grow their careers; to stay alert and inspired on the go.

Rose Flanagan

One of the episodes in this podcast from Melbourne creative and co-founder of SceneWorkout Rose Flanagan is titled, ‘Cutting the BS’, and that’s precisely what this show does. Get Your Act Together! is not about accolades or glitzy BTS goss, it is a place to find real, specific, straight-from-the-shoulder acting advice. What does it really mean to take bold risks? Should you be paying for an agent? The show offers up-to-date, hopeful and honest insight into the reality of the business. That’s right, because first and foremost, acting is a business. The voices on offer here help to demystify all the jargon and performance puff that can really be quite straightforward. It’s specifically tailored to the Australian landscape, and Rose steers her conversations with warmth and inquisitiveness to extract those nuggets of gold we can gain from others’ earned wisdom.

Leigh Foster

Chances are, if you’re in the industry you’ve probably come across this podcast before. For the past five years, Leigh Foster has sought out seasoned voices to bring actors of various skill levels insightful and practical pointers to navigate a successful career. Initially created to guide his own understanding of the industry, Leigh uncovers the craft of acting without all the unnecessary waffle, so you won’t have to skip through 12 minutes of weekend highlights and set prank stories to get to the good stuff. Similar to the aforementioned, Leigh describes his show as ‘the no bullshit podcast’. He drives powerful discussions that will help armour you with practical and mindful skills to advance your career.

Rachel Baker & The Hub Studio

The range of experienced interviewee’s on this show is manifold. Home-grown actor Rachel Baker talks one-on-one with creatives at all stages about their careers thus far and the challenges they’ve met along the way. Her chats are not limited to just actor insights, but also showcases of talent in the way of singers, dancers, marketeers, managers and more. It’s funny, it’s honest, it’s practical, and provides a well-rounded view of the Australian industry.

Jonathan Harden

Multi-skilled actor Jonathan Harden started this podcast during a tough period of his life where he was coming to terms with feelings of failure. He struggled to find frank conversations from actors about their highs and lows, and how to remain resilient. This podcast is not a place to find superstar success stories, nor will you find people whining about the unfairness of it all, but it does bring a fresh and honest insight on the challenging yet rewarding life of a creative. It delves into the nitty-gritty, day-to-day hustle of real working actors. Mindful of the mental toll that such a career can take on people, these episodes will equip you with the skills to survive the rejection and reignite the passion within.

There are plenty more great listens out there for actors and the creative community, you may wanna check out:

Stay tuned - we’ll be adding to our series of resource recommendations, including our top-pick for acting books and motivating social media accounts.


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