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Six Steps To Level Up Your Audition Prep

PSA: Auditions don’t have to be scary! You can walk in calm and confident, and the key to this is good preparation. Read on below and formulate your foolproof plan for a smooth audition every time.

1. Follow your instincts

There’s only one chance to look at your script for the first time so don’t waste it! Before you read, grab a pen to scrawl down all your initial observations and impressions. It’s in our nature to second guess ourselves but our gut instincts are there for a reason and we can use them to hone in on raw, powerful, emotional reactions to taking in the text for the first time.

2. Know the text - not just the lines

Genre, genre, genre! Is this a situational comedy or a mockumentary? A teen drama, a soap or an ABC dramedy? If it’s a TVC; What are they selling? What have their previous TVCs looked like? What are their brand colours? Where possible, make sure you understand as much as you can about the project and its themes. We recommend developing a list of prompts and questions to ask yourself each time you get an audition request and discuss your thoughts and ideas with another actor or coach so you have a clear picture of what the creators are hoping to achieve with the text.

3. Read the room by researching the room