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Our last post in this resources collection may have served the auditory learners out there, but here’s some recommendations for those who prefer something more tactile and visual.

Research shows us the benefits of making time for reading: relaxation, focus, memory enhancement, to name a few.

These reads are a wonderful way to learn between lessons, to mark ideas and take notes ready to refer back to. They remind us that acting really is a craft, and our growing ability is often reflected by the work we put in.

The list below contains eight great reads featuring lessons from acting legends, modern muses, awe-inspiring autobiographies and books that are bound to add more to your life than just a bitt’a personal development.

(in no particular order)

1. ‘Respect for Acting’ & ‘A Challenge for the Actor’ (sequel) by Uta Hagen

In drama school, we spent entire terms doing ‘object work.’ As a restless, first-year student who just wanted to get their hands on a script, it’s easy to take for granted the benefit and necessity of the seemingly simple, detailed exercises. Uta Hagen knows the importance of this work through years of acquired skill and experience, elucidating how the actor must learn to construct their private world within the public space. It’s a must-read that proves the importance of focus, detail, imagination, and ridding oneself of the inhibiting ego.

2. ‘On Acting’ by Sanford Meisner